Limited editions
from an experimental

Manufacture XXI is a recent arrival in the world of furniture and objects. Founded in 2020, the young brand complements its know-how with the industrial production tools of the Cogitech company in an approach that is collaborative, virtuous and exploratory in terms of materials.

Defending a new form
of craftsmanship.

Working with the resources and digital tools available to a market player doesn’t mean that we are consigning the age-old craft skills and traditions which inspire us to oblivion.

At Manufacture XXI, people play a central role in the production process, they are in fact the protagonists. From the very first sketches during the design phase right up to production, hands perform each gesture with care and confidence, breathing life into our creations.

An ode to materials

In the same vein as the “Form follows function” approach applied by architect Louis Sullivan, Manufacture XXI asserts that “Form follows raw material”. We put materials at the heart of our considerations and our creations.

They are an inspiration, the main element and entry point from which the idea, form and purpose flow. Just like a fine woodworker who is guided by the veins and knots in the piece of wood they are handling, we let the raw materials “speak” to us. They motivate and stimulate us, suggesting how they should be used. Manufacture XXI creations are a demonstration of materials, including new materials, showcasing what we can already achieve and what we can aspire to achieve. We believe in interpreting the material without ever betraying it.

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