History of craftsmen

In our Workshop.


The murmur of the radio, the rubbing of the sanding paper, the hum of the machining machines, as well as the clinking of the tools… we are in our workshop.

At the crossroads of industry and craft, we draw our know-how from our artisanal roots while taking advantage of digital tools to broaden our field of possibilities. The cairn collection is a perfect example of this curious mix, each piece that makes up this collection is the fruit of handiwork and digital audacity.

Giving new life to recycled paper

Enzo, our designer-craftsman, makes the mixture, based on recycled paper, needed to make the cairn sculptures. The composite is then worked by hand and pressed into the bottom of the mould walls. The manufacturing process of the Cairn sculptures does not require any firing. The pieces are first dried once, then removed from the mould and dried a second time outside the mould, in the open air.

Putting matter in motion

The modules are then assembled and fixed to a brushed, varnished, glossy, black aluminium base. The modules seem to be levitating, piled up like a pile of stones.