Lithos explores a versatile fabrication technique based on a structure made of industrial cardboard and then coated with mortar. The collection is the focus of research into the finishing techniques of the coating applied to the piece of furniture. The mortar can be coloured in the mass with pigments. A protective varnish means that other colouring methods can also be considered. Each piece reveals a gradation which, applied progressively in the varnish, enhances the curvature of the structure.


Each Lithos structure is constituted in a random and instinctive way to create sinuous and coloured objects, declinable in multiple formats. It is entirely possible to create these shapes without recourse to moulds, thereby generating new effects. Alone or grouped together, the modules can be used to display objects, as a coffee table, a sideboard, or as a table, or as a free form that will live by its presence alone.

Collection’s pieces

Lithos bench


Nesting tables


Lithos Coffee table


Lithos console


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